Christopher Plummer says he did it “many times,”
back then, awash in boon companions,

sex, and devastating wit. And when he did, the play
would speed up: three and a half to four hours

became two. His Alpine leading lady, no Ophelia,
had a freehold on My Favorite Things (see Andrews, Julie;

John Coltrane turned that trill right on its ear,
absent kittens, absent roses, absent things).

Plummer’s talking up his memoir on the morning radio.
Alcohol, Shakespeare, Austria, The War.

It all fits in a thimble with standing room to spare.
The prop skull of a jester is even there somewhere.

About whom the young Richard Burton
once declaimed to a full house at the Old Globe:

“Poor Yorick! We played horse, he made me laugh.
Chapfallen, what? He’s dead, Horatio, can’t go to pieces.”


The Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, California. Built 1935; twice
destroyed by fire (1978, 1984). London’s Globe first burned in 1613.

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KURT LIPSCHUTZ goes under the pen name of klipschutz. His full-length collections include Twilight of the Male Ego and The Erection of Scaffolding for the Re-Painting of Heaven by the Lowest Bidder (o.p.).  He has appeared in periodicals, including Poetry (of Chicago), The Shop (Ireland), Ambit (U.K.), and The Red Wheelbarrow (Scotland), as well as zines (notably Lee Thorn’s FUCK!) and international anthologies, including The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry.  He is the editor/publisher of Luddite Kingdom Press, which issued the limited edition collectible All Roads. . .But This One. His published journalism includes a 5,000 word monograph about Bill Knott (with bibliography), an extensive two-part interview with Objectivist legend Carl Rakosi, and an essay for Artillery, “Cure for a Beatnik Hangover.” Over 50 of his co-written songs have been recorded, mainly by Chuck Prophet, but also by Jim Dickinson and Stephanie Finch. “You Could Make a Doubter Out of Jesus” was performed by Prophet on the David Letterman Show in 2008. When klipschutz gets out of the house, which has been known to happen, he reads at public libraries, museums, bars, educational institutions and occasional festivals, mainly on the West Coast  He was a Writer-in-Resident at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, where Neil Young’s herd of cattle were known to wander across the property line. He is an autodidact.

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