“… some green movement momentum has been lost, Earth Day supporters agree. But they welcome the debates the day brings… Critics long have accused its organizers of being anti-business or anti-growth. The Washington Post last year characterized the day a ‘global guilt-fest.’”
– MATT CAMPBELL, The Kansas City Star, Wed, Apr. 21, 2010 10:36 PM

“Oil fell toward $83 after soaring U.S. inventories signaled demand in the world’s top energy user is lagging the recovery in the global economy.”
– Alejandro Barbajosa, Reuters, Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:00am EDT

I’ll pump ’til my ecstasy ruptures your mantle
And bathes me in puddles of fossilized corpses.
I’ll sway in the lamplight as evening approaches
Observing the towers—all empty, yet shining.
I’ll dance between raindrops and autos that pass me
And tingle when neon advises a stripper.

My ecstasy poisons the lightbulbs and hookers.
I stumble—a jackass—beneath a coal shadow.
The alley absorbs the low echo of motors.
The moonlight’s too distant to rescue this drowner
Awash in an ocean of fossilized corpses—
I’ll pump ’till my ecstasy ruptures our mantle.

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KHAKJAAN WESSINGTON is the groundskeeper for Toylit, where he serves as publisher, editor and writer. He is the Master of Ceremonies for CombatWords and is an all around irritating guy. He briefly served as a contributing writer for the Exile.ru and his online avatar is currently serving the third year of a ten year prison sentence in a Siberian hard drive. The rest of him lives in San Francisco. His next book of News Poems will come out on or after July 22, 2010.

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  1. Jon Cheff says:

    If anyone’s interested in this “CombatWords,” Mr. Wessington speaks of….——> http://tinyurl.com/26td9ey

    Over-the-top-rope literary Battle Royal. Wear your Nikolai Volkoff T-shirt. Strike first, strike hard, no mercy, sir. Ah, you get the idea….


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