One of my very favorite things about The Nervous Breakdown’s Literary Experience-NYC, is the games.

Not that I don’t love the readings or meeting my fellow TNB writers or drinking heartily and making out with each and every one of them, but the very best part for me, is making the ‘Experience’ interactive.

Getting the audience involved.
Brainwashing the masses.
Buying your affection.
With fabulous prizes.

At the first TNBLE-NYC, we tried TNBingo! and played “Name That Author/Face-off” as a[n unnecessary] tie-breaker.

At the second, we tried three-word comments on each of the readings and then played “Name That French Thing!” in honor of Bastille Day.

At the third, we had folks write down their favorite Happy Ending (in exactly three-words) on little slips of paper, read them aloud in-between readings, and then drew one from a hat for the fabulous giveaway.

And this time, at TNBLE-NYC Ed. #4, we skipped all the intermediary mumbo-jumbo and went straight for the kill: we played “Name That Obscure Holiday Film” and then had a[nother unnecessary] tie-breaker, “Name That Rankin/Bass TV Classic”, using secondary characters/subplots from the shows.

I made it tough. No simple gimmes like Christmas Vacation or Bad Santa or The Little Drummer Boy. I went for the jugular.

And what did I learn?

Our audiences are, in fact, hard-core readers/lit-nerds, and not cine- or telephiles in the least.



Assuming you live too far away, or found it too cold to come down to Chinatown last week, my holiday gift to you, is a taste of what you missed.

To buy your affection.
With fabulous prizes.

* * *

Here’s how we’ll play. You put your answers in the comments section (no cheating!) before 11:59 (EST) on Christmas Day.

Whoever gets the MOST right (including the tie-breaker to determine… well… ties) will get a fabulous prize.

From me to you.


* * *












And now onto the…


Name the Rankin/Bass Holiday TV Classic from which each of these stills came. BONUS POINT if you can also name the CHARACTER (which will determine the tie-breaker if there’s another tie.)

Tie-breaker #1:

Tie-breaker #2:

Tie-breaker #3:

Tie-breaker #4:

Tie-breaker #5:


* * *

ALSO: If you missed them the first time around, here, again, for your reading/viewing pleasure is our TNBLE-NYC ‘HOLIDAZE’ recap:

Kimberly M. Wetherell / “The 12 Dates of Christmas”
Read It. / Watch It.

Amy Shearn / “A Lonely Jew on Christmas”
Read It. / Watch It.

Don Mitchell / “Is There Really a Hawaiian Word for Christmas?”
Read It. / Watch It.

Will Entrekin / “The Evolution of the Christmas Jollies”
Read It. / Watch It.

Robin Antalek / “SantaJesus”
Read It. / Watch It.

Jason Rice / “Offender”
Read It. / Watch It.

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KIMBERLY M. WETHERELL Kimberly's many and varied lives have included actor, stage manager, opera and film director, producer, writer, and restaurateur. She only has three lives left and she's not going to waste a single one of them. The first Arts & Culture Editor for TNB and creator of the TNB Literary Experience, Kimberly has been published by Rizzoli in the book Brooklyn Bar Bites, CRAFT Magazine, The Mighty, and SMITH Magazine, among others. She co-founded the food and drink reading and storytelling series DISH at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in New York City and she's working on multiple projects including her debut novel, several screenplays, and a documentary about female film editors. She thanks you for stopping by and sitting a spell.

11 responses to “TNBLE-NYC: At Home Edition!”

  1. You know what – once again I am amused by my amazing lack of talent as a game show hostess. (Chuck Berry must be spinning in his grave right about now…)

    EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS (to help prevent cheating) to kwetherell [at] thenervousbreakdown [dot] com.


  2. Phat B says:

    Yay film Quiz! That scene in #10 is one of my all time favorites. Love that movie.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I realize I’ve been remiss in posting the answers in time.

    I’m happy to announce that Phat B is the winner (not to mention the only player…) and for the rest of you… here are the answers!

    1. Brazil
    2. Christmas in Connecticut
    3. Die Hard
    4. The Hebrew Hammer
    5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    6. Trading Places
    7. Silent Night, Deadly Night
    8. Gremlins
    9. The Thin Man
    10. The Ref

    And the tie-breakers…
    1. Heat Meiser – The Year Without Santa Claus
    2. Island of Misfit Toys – Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
    3. Winter Warlock – Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
    4. Professor Hinkle – Frosty the Snowman
    5. Postmaster S.D. Kluger – Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

    Happy New Year, Everyone!
    Phat B – we’ll talk offline…


  4. Phat B says:

    The hebrew hammer? Totally added to my netflix queue. I always have trouble spelling that word. Queue. Way too many vowels in that.

    How did I miss Brazil? One of my favorites, and I still can’t place that scene.

  5. Phat B says:

    And now that I se the answers, Val Kilmer should have been a dead giveaway for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was the true Robert Downey Jr. comeback flick.

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