Fuck him, he deserves to be devoured.



Mark and I often send pieces of Art and/or Words to each other. More often than not, we ignore them! But sometimes a piece will inspire the other to create something. It works both ways – Art & Words and Words & Art.



Mark has been sending me images from 2016 and when he sent ‘Man in Mouth’ (originally cover art for an EP release by London based troubadour Glenn Hodge) and I was instantly smitten/bitten by the visuals.



The intoxicating, suffocating, tempting nature of desire is universal. I decided to break apart that lust and look at it quite mechanically: the components, the emotions, the lust and fatal attraction that it leads to. Pretty girls make graves – in this case, the grave is the girl herself.



The incessant rhythm of iambic tetrametre and the ballad ABCB rhyme scheme to symbolise entrapment. The swirling words embedded, stamped around the circumference enclose, confine, strict as his lust does. Cyclical and seductive.



The male gaze is a trap. It’s nothing to do with her: its his failings and weaknesses that lead to his demise. The overtly sexualised mouth, she is reduced to just a yonic element. His suit makes it even seedier, like a business transaction, hinting at his perp status. It’s an uncomfortable image when you look at it. And of course we sympathy for him; it’s his own ‘lust’ that is his downfall, his lack of control that puts him in the wrong. It plays into where society places women, expects woman to present themselves in certain ways and the disgusting, outdated and sexist idea of the woman being blamed for sexual attacks. A role reversal of sorts I suppose.

Like I said, fuck him, he deserves to be devoured.

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LUIGI COPPOLA is a teacher, poet and first generation immigrant who has been shortlisted has been shortlisted for Bridport Prizes, longlisted for Ledbury and National Poetry Competitions, and published in Worple Press’ anthology ‘The Tree Line,’ Acumen, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Iota, Magma, Rattle and Rialto (www.LuigiCoppolaPoetry.blogspot.co.uk). Chibi-Luigi art by Keeley Coppola (www.KeeleyCoppola.blogspot.com)

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