Over the past few years, I’d read great and magical things about The Nervous Breakdown Literary Experience in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and sundry other burgs. I scrolled through photos and comments generated by each reading and thought, Holy hell, that looks tastier than pizza. Each city fielded a deeply talented roster and the sense of excitement and cohesion was palpable. I looked forward to Seattle’s shot.


In May, I emailed our editor and founder par excellence, Brad Listi, and asked when this might occur. He explained TNB readings were self-generated and I volunteered to launch the premiere TNB Literary Experience in Seattle. Several dozen emails later, I’m thrilled to unveil our line-up of authors (known scofflaws, all) and surrounding details:

Sean Beaudoin (Going Nowhere Faster, Fade to Blue, You Killed Wesley Payne)

Aaron Dietz (Super, advisory editor of Knock)

Litsa Dremousis (Esquire, The Believer, Paste, the Seattle Weekly, Nerve and the forthcoming novel, Antifreeze)

Tom Hansen (American Junkie, which continues to garner mad acclaim)

Lauren Hoffman (the forthcoming essay collection, When You I Feel Because; a panoply of moving TNB pieces)

Matthew Simmons (A Jello Horse, CAVES and bearer of a delightfully skewed wit)

With chests puffed, fingers crossed and, perhaps, a drink or two imbibed, we’ll launch at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, September 23rd at the Jewelbox Theater in the Rendezvous, purveyors of wickedly fun arts events and some of the best yam fries in the city, ensconced at 2322 2nd Avenue in the north part of Belltown. Five bucks at the door.

The Nervous Breakdown’s Literary Experience.  Seattle.  Be there or we’ll talk about you.

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LITSA DREMOUSIS' work appears in The Believer, Esquire, Filter, Hobart, The Huffington Post, McSweeney's, Monkeybicycle, MSN Music, Nerve, The Nervous Breakdown, New York Magazine, Nylon, The Onion's A.V. Club, Paper, Slate, the Seattle Weekly, on NPR, KUOW, and in sundry other venues. Her essay, "The Great Cookie Offering", appears in Seal Press' anthology, "Single State of the Union", she has a piece in Smith Magazine's HarperCollins anthology, "It All Changed in an Instant: More Six-Word Memoirs" and she's completing her first novel. She frolics at on Twitter @LitsaDremousis and you can read her archived published work at http://theslipperyfish.blogspot.com/.

11 responses to “Announcing The Nervous Breakdown Literary Experience, Seattle Edition! Thursday, September 23, 7 pm at the Jewelbox Theater in the Rendezvous! Be There or We’ll Talk about You”

  1. Aaron Dietz says:

    I’m so looking forward to this.

  2. I am, too! Stellar line-up, great venue and a lit-thirsty audience.

  3. Tom Hansen says:

    I’ll be there. Anyone remember what The Rendezvouz was like before its transformation 15-20 years ago?

    • I do, Tom. Except for the name and locale, totally different venues, each w/ its own appeal, I think. The previous incarnation was cheap and unpretentious and the end of each night you could congratulate yourself for successfully having hop-scotched assorted vomit offerings. This one has better food and decor, unquestionably, and I like it a lot, but it’s definitely “new” Belltown.

  4. Tom Hansen says:

    The old bar was the darkest bar I’ve ever been in

  5. Aw, wish I could be there! This looks fabulous. I’ll at least help spread the word 🙂 We should do one of these in Austin …

  6. Lauren Hoffman says:

    Two and a half weeks after this, my brother’s getting married in the Jewel Box (true story). He’s always trying to one-up me.

    • Your brother has good taste: the Jewel Box would make for a fun wedding reception venue. That said, I’m right there w/ you: my brother and his wife are having their first kid in March, relegating me permanently to She-Who-Chose-Not-To-Breed in my parents’ eyes.

  7. rob roberge says:

    Damn, wish I could be there. looks like a great night.

    I linked to it, though and spread the word. For those going (and reading), hope you have a great night.

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