Are you an ascot man, or a poncho man?


Do you like butterscotch pudding?


What is the title of your new collection of poems?

Thin Kimono.

Isn’t that a brand of condoms?


Is that an electrical wire poking out from beneath your haircut?


When you envision a “lump in your pants” is it in the front or the back?

Poncho man.

When I swing this baseball bat past your face maybe tell us a little something about your childhood.

Dayton, Ohio.  My mother wrote sonnets on my face with a Sharpie.  My father drove a dump truck called Heidegger.

Can you say something about your feelings for me as an interviewer?

[at this point the interviewee stands up and tries to flip the desk over but can’t;
he says “poncho man” a number of times… ]

Would you say you were an “earnest” person?



Would you say you were an “earnest” person?

Poncho man.


MICHAEL EARL CRAIG is from Dayton, Ohio, home of the gas mask and the mood ring. He is the author of Woods and Clouds Interchangeable (Wave Books, 2019), Talkativeness (Wave Books, 2014), Thin Kimono (Wave Books, 2010), Yes, Master (Fence Books, 2006), Can You Relax in My House, (Fence Books, 2002), and the chapbook Jombang Jet (Factory Hollow Press, 2012). He lives in the Shields Valley, near Livingston, Montana, where he runs a full-time farrier practice. He was the 2015-2017 Poet Laureate of Montana.

2 responses to “Michael Earl Craig: The TNB Self-Interview”

  1. Judy Prince says:

    How did I miss this self-interview, Michael Earl Craig? It’s a thorough guffaw-riff!

    I also love your poem, “This I Believe.”


    • Judy Prince says:

      Michael, how come I got your response to my comment in an email, but it doesn’t appear here, despite it being billed as a TNB comment? Odd.

      You say:

      “Judy, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and the poem.”

      “Are you in California? I will be reading in L.A. on October 22nd, in
      Berkeley on the 24th, in Sacramento on the 25th, and at UC Davis on the

      “All October dates.”

      I’m in England (and will be in October as well), so, unfortunately for me I’ll miss your readings. However, lots of TNBers are in L.A. or nearby, so I hope they’ll read this and bring soft tomatoes with them to your readings. 😉

      Eager to read more of your work, as I know so many others are, as well.

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