New Harmony, Indiana.

The serene boondocks.

A girl named Katie.

A tandem bike.

A minute bottle of vodka jungle juice smuggled into the Barn Abbey.

Tornado sirens, Midwestern snacks, midnight escapes, and the obscure ploy to trespass and skinny dip in a pool.

“Let’s do it!” (Her words or mine?)

A man lounged on a mattress behind a pick up truck en route for Illinois, and Katie and I told each other a story about a heart broken over a spoon…

We tripped over broken pavements, singing to the moon.

I remember the laughter—not hers, mine, but born from hers—“vibrate my body” laughter that ran down my cheeks in taunting tears.

We made up stories, wanting our writing to move the day forward. We added words, made up words, used other worlds’ words, and watched the words as they were born.

Secrets were whispered, confessions brought forth, as we blended with the shadows, in a quest to discover the Cathedral Labyrinth in the dark Indiana hours.

And just like that—the sun came out.

Turned out I’d been staring straight into its face for several lifetimes.

And peace settled again—again.

And peace settled again


And peace settled



Born in Port-au-Prince, M.J. FIEVRE is an expat whose short stories and poems have appeared in numerous publications, including Haiti Noir (Akashic Books, 2011), The Beautiful Anthology (TNB, 2012), The Southeast Review, The Caribbean Writer, and The Mom Egg. She graduated from the Creative Writing program at Florida International University. She loves coconut shrimp, piña coladas, her dog Wiskee, and a good story. Anton Chekhov is one of her favorite writers. Her author website is located at www.mjfievre.com.

3 responses to “Jungle Juice”

  1. Estelle says:

    You have a talent for making me feel that I have entered a magical world.

  2. jmblaine says:


    That’s what jungle juice
    & skinny dipping
    symbolizes to the sadly grown.


  3. Erika Rae says:

    This was beautiful, MJ.

    “We added words, made up words, used other worlds’ words, and watched the words as they were born.”

    I felt like I was watching the birth of something unique and important.

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