Mothers I love to fry
Mothers imparting feral logic
Mothers in lactation frenzy
Mothers iterating life’s fullness
Mothers in like flint
Mothers in lustrous fortitude
Mothers in lonely friction
Mothers in Lucifer’s foliage
Mothers in lockstep formation.
Mothers’ irascible leverage force
Mothers I’d like to fluoridate
Mothers I’d like to forget
Mothers issuing lyric phraseology
Mothers insipid loady frights
Mothers inventing love forever
Mothers imperiled by lackluster fornication
Mothers inspiring lavish and fast
Mothers I light on fire
Mothers I’d like to flagellate
Mothers in lust, full-on,
Mothers-in-law, fuck off
Mothers inside locutions of fate
Mothers initiating laudatory fellatio
Mothers in flagrante delicto.
Mothers inciting laughter, freedom
Mothers interested in fetish leather
Mothers issuing firm logistics
Mothers I’d like to fix
Mother influx load
Mothers I love flouting
Mothers I’d love to fuck up
Mothers imparting love’s ferocity
Mothers inviting languid flirtation
Mothers initiating lubricious foreplay
Mother idle losers, frumps
Mothers in love with Frankie
Mothers if fate allows
Mothers ingesting local flavor
Mothers invoking louts forbidden.
Mothers imbibing luscious fabrications
Mothers inebriated by latent fascinations
Mothers impotent losing force
Mothers ingenious languish forgotten
Mothers implode lost foreclosed upon
Mothers in lovely fellowship

Mothers inhaling lava frequently
Mothers in luxurious froth
Mothers I’d like to free
Mothers I’d like to follow
Mothers intellectual left fallow
Mothers of integrity forgoing liars
Mothers incorporating lust flutes
Mothers in luminous fecundity
Mothers inseminating Lilliputian freeloaders
Mothers in lower Fredonia
Mothers in French lace

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Native New Yorker MICHELE MADIGAN SOMERVILLE is the author of Black Irish (2009, Plain View Press) and WISEGAL (2001, Ten Pell Books). Her verse has appeared in numerous journals including Downtown Brooklyn, Fickle Muses, The Brooklyn Review, Puerto del Sol, 6ix, Pagan Place, Mudfish, Eureka Street, Quarto and Hanging Loose. Somerville's prose has appeared in The New York Times (online), Huffington Post and on Indie Theology and Bored-o-Ed. She writes extensively on religion and education.

Somerville has won some awards for poetry: Honorable Mention in Dublin's 2003 Eason Books Davoren Hanna Poetry contest; First Place prize in the 2000 W.B. Yeats Society poetry contest; a McArthur Poetry Scholarship at Brooklyn College; and the Louis B. Goodman Award for Women-Centered Writing.

She worked as a teacher in New York Schools for four years before teaching writing for a decade in the City University of New York and Purchase College.

She is the mother of three teenagers and lives in Brooklyn.

12 responses to “M.I.L.F.”

  1. Rich Boucher says:

    “Mothers I’d like to fluoridate”

    I CAN even with this. Love this. Where did this poem come from, Michele?

    • Michele Somerville says:

      Hi Rich,

      I just discovered this comment field — sorry t o take so long getting back. Where did this poem come from? I was amused and annoyed with the term — so it’s my stab at “taking it back?” Making fun of those who use it? Once you get going — the thing takes a life of its own.

      Thank you for the comment.


      • Rich Boucher says:

        I’d say you did WAY better than taking it back.

        You RE-PURPOSED the expression.

        Excellent! And thank you again!

  2. If a woman refers to herself, verbally, as a MILF (thankfully a rarity), is she actually saying “MYLF”?

  3. kimberly says:

    I LIKE!! LIKE it ALOT. Did you write this?

  4. archana says:

    Thats a wonderful poem!!

  5. CatholicVengeance says:

    for someone that claims to be a Catholic, this is something that is quite un-Catholic.

  6. CatholicVengeance says:

    Sadly Ms. Somerville you do not know of the works of St. John Chrysostom., where vengeance is permissive if rightly carried out. You have caused quite a stir with your works which fail miserably at any attempt to evangelize the faith while you publicly question and ridicule the authority of our Church given to us via apostolic succession. How would any protestant, atheist, or member of any faith find Christ in the Church after reading your works? What are the fruits of your essays? Your works simply draw anti-Catholic crowds to your blog which further throw stones at the Bride of Christ and those that follow it’s teachings. You are not an authentic Catholic in your works or your thoughts, irrespective of how often you attend the Church. Your works are not aiding the cause of Christ but furthering dissent.

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