Is your creative nonfiction worthy of the big lights? Ever think your life could be transformed into a dramatic scene performed by real actors dazzling a live audience?

Now’s the time to dust off your playwright skills. At least two ten-minute one-act plays written by TNB contributors will hit the stage this December at the longest actively running community theater in America.

Nick Belardes’ Random Writers Workshop in Bakersfield, California has teamed up with indie bookstore Russo’s Books and Bakersfield Community Theatre (BCT) to provide a great new opportunity for TNB contributors.

“If you’ve ever wanted to see what you’ve written come to life, this is your chance,” says Thomas G. Robinson of Russo’s Books.  “Create some characters, have them interact. Throw in a murder, or a love scene, or a trip to the moon!”

Robinson, who spearheaded this great opportunity, is also director of Nick Belardes’ BCT one-act winner, Stonewall, which will be performed along with two winning entries from the Random Writers Workshop and two winning entries from The Nervous Breakdown. One-acts will be performed Dec. 3, 4, 10 and 11 at the historic Bakersfield Community Theatre.


1) Submit as many as you’d like.

2) Deadline: Submit your one-act by Sept. 30, 2010 to [email protected] (Send him a note if you’re considering entering). Winners will be announced by Oct. 8.

3) Your one-act should last no longer than ten minutes. Time it.  Read it to yourself and make sure you consider pauses, laughs, physical movements, etc., to get a good idea of how long it is.

4) Minimal use of scenery, costume necessities, etc. It’s a ten minute one-act. Don’t make it too difficult!

Now get to writing!

Image by Julie Jordan Scott



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NICK BELARDES is illustrator of NYT Best-Selling Novel by Jonathan Evison West of Here (2011), author of Random Obsessions (2009), Lords (2005), and the first literary Twitter novel: Small Places (2010). An author, poet, and screenwriter for Hectic Films, Belardes turned TV/online journalist overnight after blogging his way to success. His articles and essays have appeared on the homepage of CNN.com and other news sites across America. You can find Nick on Facebook and Twitter.

6 responses to “California-Area Theatre to Perform TNB One-Act Plays”

  1. Judy Prince says:

    Wow. Cool. Great opportunity, Nick.

  2. Greg says:

    I’m in. Will most likely be submitting one or two.

  3. Yes! I’ve got a few email responses too from folks. 😀

  4. dwoz says:

    I might try this…I have to work on dialog, as a rule…this would be a fun way to do that!

  5. Judy Prince says:

    Can I submit a 10-minute one-act play (for the BCT event) as an rtf attachment to an email to you, Nick?

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