Have you been feeling like there’s no hope in finding a thinner you?

Are you tired of eating rabbit food in an effort to feel better about yourself?

Do you work out daily, but find that your pants are still fitting tight?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, and even if you didn’t, I have the answer for you.

Sure, there are thousands of diet schemes out there promising you results, but this one is a sure-fire solution for all people, regardless of their shape or size.

In just one day, with little effort, no dieting and no exercise on your part, you can look and feel better!

Don’t believe me? Well, just look at the pictures below. Both were taken of me today!



That’s right I went from feeling like I’d never lose these extra twenty pounds to feeling like it doesn’t matter because I look good anyway.

No longer do I look in my closet and cry because none of my clothes fit me. The days of feeling fat and hopeless are over and all it took was one simple step.

And I’m going to share that secret with you today folks.

Are you ready for it?

Do you think you can handle it?

I think you can. And I think you’ll thank me.

So, without further ado, here it is:


It’s as simple as that folks. If you look at these two pictures again, you’ll see that I’m wearing two different pairs of pants. One pair is a size 6, and is about four years old. The other pair is a size 10 and are brand spankin’ new!


No, I’m not holding in my gut. There are no camera tricks at work here. What I’ve done is as easy for everyone as it was for me. Just go down to your local shopping mall and buy a couple of t-shirts and jeans in a slightly larger size and I guarantee you’ll see results. And you’ll feel better when you look in the mirror!

So get out there and buy some clothes that fit today. Say “Goodbye” to your muffin top and “Hello” to the new gorgeous you!

Rebecca Adler is a freelance journalist and photographer, living in Sacramento, Calif. After tiring of feeling overweight and ugly she thought about exercising and eating right. Instead, she finally broke down and bought new jeans, forever shirking her size 4 for a more suitable size 10, and she feels fab! She can be reached on myspace or on the comment board.

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REBECCA ADLER is from Sacramento, CA, where she is a grad student in applied linguistics and works as a freelance journalist. Her work has appeared in Jane & Jane, Sacramento Business Journal, and Comstock's Business Magazine, among others. She also keeps a book review blog and can be found on Facebook or Twitter.

2 responses to “How to Battle the Bulge in One Easy Step: A Fool-Proof Method”

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    Comment by Lenore
    2007-06-28 15:45:51

    bitch, you fine.
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    Comment by Rich Ferguson
    2007-06-28 17:05:33

    “Wear clothes that fit you.”

    That’s a good one, Rebecca.

    And nice tummy by the way. You should be one of the models for the TNB T-shirt to try and sell more of them.

    Heck, you should even be in the calendar when Brad creates it…you know, the Girls of TNB.

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    Comment by Rebecca Adler
    2007-06-28 18:16:45

    Haha, the girls of TNB. Nice one Rich. I think we have quite a few ladies on here who would be more popular than me though.

    I think the calendar should be of us looking smart and holding our own books (in my case, newspapers). Fab.

    And thanks Lenore!
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    Comment by 1159
    2007-06-28 18:46:49

    Dammit Lenore took my comment and Rich took the idea of a whole post I was was going to do on the Girls of TNB.

    Fun post though.
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    Comment by Anonymous
    2007-06-28 20:20:57

    That first picture makes me want to starve myself silly and exercise till I can’t see straight!!!
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    Comment by Dawn C.
    2007-06-29 05:59:26

    Hi Becca. This was hilarious. And brilliant. And true!

    As someone who has outgrown some clothes recently, I was in dire need of this advice. I’m going to head right down to Plato’s Closet and do what you say!
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    Comment by jennifer white
    2007-06-29 06:09:57

    So true! As someone whose weight fluctuates a pant size between winter and summer, I have learned to keep two sets of pants. I make sure that I have pants I really love in each set. This way, even when the winter bulge hits, I go, “oh yay! they fit again.” And I wear them for three days straight to prove my love.
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    Comment by My Little Pony
    2007-06-29 07:07:01

    Refreshingly honest! I am such a victim to Gap/Banana/Old Navy’s vanity sizing. It doesn’t matter what it looks or feels like, if it isn’t the size I want it to be I don’t buy it. So I really needed this reminder.
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    Comment by Rebecca Adler
    2007-06-29 11:03:21

    MLP: We’re all a victim of the vanity sizing. I’m happy to report that Epress now has vanity sizing. Until recently I could barely fit into their size 10s, but my most recent purchase was a size 8 (and trust me, I didn’t lose any weight).

    Jen: That’s such a smart idea! I keep my old jeans with only the hope that I’ll one day fit back in them. After more than a year at this size, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to shimmy into them anytime soon.

    Dawn: Happy Shopping! I’m glad I could provide the extra push you needed (or extra excuse for the hubby) for buying new clothes!
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    Comment by Steph
    2007-06-29 11:32:57

    heheh, i hate the waist bulge. But what do you do if your pants were expensive and you are super cheap? Thank god for baby doll shirts 🙂
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    Comment by Dawn C.
    2007-06-29 11:35:19

    Also, I loved the *Wow!* 🙂
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    Comment by Rebecca Adler
    2007-06-29 12:33:08

    Haha, the “Wow!” was my particularly favorite part of this blog too Dawn. 🙂
    Steph: Stop buying such expensive jeans! Seriously, I don’t know how you do it. But I guess if they look good we’d all be willing to spend a little extra cash. The cheap jeans just don’t last and they always sag in all the wrong places.
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    Comment by Emma R
    2007-07-12 06:25:33

    You should do a range of these: Rebecca Adler talks sense. Radical.
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