Side 1: He was always a freak / He never tried to fit in / He head butted his rival / He wrote a story about a serial killer / I saw him shoot a squirrel with a bb gun in second grade / He ate lunch in the bathroom / He drew a swastika on the lunch room wall / His father was in Jail / His mother waited tables at the strip joint / He threatened to beat the shit out of some kid who called him fat / He listened to death metal / He was on the spectrum, or something / He had an eating disorder, or something / He was a certified schizophrenic / It was like one day a switch just flipped / They should have seen it coming / He liked the dark side of the Web  / He never had a girlfriend / He failed all his classes / So many red flags / He worked at the shooting range / He wore all black and had neck tattoos / He said wanted to be dead when he grows up / He carried around a weird black notebook / He mapped it all out on his Twitter feed / He never spoke in class / He slept in class / He laughed for no reason / He liked to cut class / He got sent to the principal’s office for threatening to filet the teacher, then they sent him back him right back to class. 


Side 2: He’s such a freak / Nobody likes him / I heard that lacrosse player used to kick his ass every day / He wrote this gay story about his dog that died / During recess, he talked to a squirrel like a friend / He is definitely not sitting at our table / He got major offended by the swastika on the lunch room wall / I think his father’s in jail / I heard his mother fucked the principal / He’s fat as a planet / He listens to shit music / He’s retarded, or something / He’s on the three-finger diet / That kid is definitely hearing voices / It’s like, one day he was semi-normal, and now he’s whatever / He totally looks like a school shooter / He’s in the dumb-people classes /  So many red flags /  He’s on welfare, I think / He wears too-small clothes that smell like a dumpster /  He said he wants to be more himself when he grows up / He carries around this weird black notebook / He trolls all the popular kids on Twitter / He looks like he’s going to cry like a baby whenever the teacher calls on him / He farts in class / He got held back a class / He got me sent to the principal’s office, ratted me out, then my boys went and found him after class.



Rebecca Fishow is a prose writer, creative writing instructor, and visual artist. Her story collection, The Trouble With Language (Trnsfr Books, 2020), won the 2019 Holland Prize for Fiction. Her fiction chapbook, The Opposite of Entropy, was published in 2018 by Proper Tales Press. Her work has appeared in Quarterly West, Tin House, Joyland, The Believer Logger, Smokelong Quarterly, Hobart, and other publications. She holds an MFA from Syracuse University, and lives in western Maryland.

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  1. Holy shit, that’s just…damn!

  2. Nan Martin says:

    This is a young man whose future is very questionable. Is he going to become a future assassin, a drug addict on the street, or end up with some caring mentor who is able to change him, overcome his disabilities and ends up a pillar of his community? You’ve encouraged thought and discussion. Thanks for the share!🤗

  3. ak links says:

    thnks for share

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