Four Poems

By Robyn Schelenz






The sea is filled with people made of water
They crowd the autumn

An elk cow was guarding her kids
waiting for her to fall asleep
then they went all kinds of places
Running up charges
On her credit card
They took back Himalayan salt lamps
And saved the future of their species 

from the world of carousels.

simulacra come into view
just for a second
then we return
before shit gets real.



The afterlife


llama pass
kobe bryant in the afterlife
check the machine,
it’s sputtering.
eat the gravy,
it’s hot.
Fun for all ages.
Soothed by the microwave

Extreme couponers hover in the sky finding bargains as they fall

When I looked at you as the big oafy trees started to stir
Did you like it or did I sell you only on
Staring at the oaks

The tale is as tall as you want it to be
Or as short.

Under the leaves,
Your dirt.



The fence


In news
Bulls overran the nets
I’m sorry the Bulls
The Nets
Simon and Garfunkelpelago
Opened today.
A broader
And yet more cultivated menu
than margaritaville.
A reduction in choice
Tends to make people happy
Which is why we finally fell in love.
The fence rattled
In its hinges
The only thing keeping it standing
was itself.
But of course
We all acted surprised
When it fell.



Possible structural foundations of early inequality in pre-technocratic america


Logs log
Lumber lumbers.
Class structure.




Robyn Schelenz is a writer from Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. Her work has previously appeared in Rattle, Revue Pøst and elsewhere. She currently lives in San Francisco.

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