Grading the last seven days in End Times culture…


Next week: Nadya Suleman

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2 responses to “This Week’s Level of Suck”

  1. D.R. Haney says:

    Well, you know, I would move the Tex Watson tapes to the doesn’t-suck category. I would be curious to know what’s on them. There’s apparently something like eight or nine hours of him talking to his attorney.

    That I posted something about Manson has nothing to do with your post, I should add. Unless you’d take it as a compliment, in which case my post has everything to do with yours.

  2. seanbeaudoin says:

    Actually, I agree the Tex Watson stuff has the potential to be interesting. A Sucks was earned by the more general notion being promulgated by various news outlet that “clues” are forthcoming. Like, maybe they’ll break the case and free Charlie. It was the cynicism with which those murders were being used as a cheap “leader” to other, equally moronic stories.

    Huge compliment. Don’t be afraid to refer to me your muse.

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