Grading the last seven days in End Times culture…

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4 responses to “This Week’s Level of Suck”

  1. James D. Irwin says:

    I read somewhere that something like 7 out of the last 8 films Depp and Burton have done together have featured Depp playing a wacky eccentric in heavy white make up. The other film was animated.

    Meanwhile, still only half aware of what an ‘app’ is/does/works. There’s probably an app that could explain it to me, but instead all I have is a practical understanding of irony…

    • pixy says:

      maybe they’re trying to be retro with a twist: whiteface instead of blackface.
      or both burton and depp have deep-seated racial guilt issues.

      • James D. Irwin says:

        or just maybe neither of them are as creative or original as they think they are, or like to be thought of. Both of them keep traversing the same old ground, probably patting themselves on the back as they go, stopping only to write Helena Bonham Carter into it somehow.

        Depp and HBC are both fine actors. It’s entirely Burton’s fault. Twenty years or so ago everybody agreed he was a genius, and he took that to mean ‘make the same film over and over again please, and cast the same actors. We hate variety and new things.’

  2. Sean Beaudoin says:

    “It’s entirely Burton’s fault.” I couldn’t agree more, James. Talk about living in a vacuum. Next film: Johnny Depp stars as Estee Lauder. Except with knives for breasts.

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