Next Week: Chris Christie busted for steroids–the inside story.

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5 responses to “this week’s Level of Suck”

  1. Gloria says:

    I’m going to choose to believe that “grill tongs” is a euphemism.

  2. hank cherry says:

    So Isaac changed paths because of GOP racism? I knew it!!!!

  3. Don Mitchell says:

    A real man uses a couple of pokers to deal with meat on the grill, Sean.

    If he can’t find the pokers he uses a couple of crowbars, even if they’re of different lengths. The rust on the crowbars (because they’ve been under the house) adds to the flavor.

    Only real man wannabes use store-bought tongs, no matter how big. I thought you knew that.

    Of course I know you’re making fun. But you better not be making fun around me when I’ve got my rusty crowbar in hand and babyback ribs on the grill.

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