Next Week: Bonus suck! Newt announces he and Lindsey Buckingham are forming new supergroup “The Neuticals.”

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2 responses to “this week’s Level of Suck”

  1. One day Putin will use his superpowers for good. He could make short work of those tar balls, or, failing that, the BP execs.

    Meanwhile, nice work getting Patrick to place his right hand on Evison’s book.

  2. Dana says:

    Wow. Apparently, I missed a lot last week. Chuck and Vlad – yipes!

    I’ve always loved Clint. He’s a total badass. Now that he’s senile, not so much. And I just remembered the first honest to goodness laugh that my husband and I had after 9/11. We were watching the telethon that ran 10 days after the attack with just about every celebrity and musician of the day, making their voice heard.

    And then Clint filled the screen and he looked so rumpled and disheveled, and I think his coat was buttoned wrong. And something about how Mr. Unflappable was now completely flapped, just cracked us both up, and we roared. And it felt so good! Even though we were essentially laughing at an old mans appearance. How very Lori of me.

    So we’re about even. Except, his new movie looks realllllly dumb.

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