Next Week: Fiona Apple is busted in Turkey smuggling a McRib sandwich!

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SEAN BEAUDOIN's latest novel is Wise Young Fool. His stories and articles have appeared in numerous publications including the Onion, the San Francisco Chronicle and Spirit, the in-flight magazine of Southwest Airlines. www.seanbeaudoin.com.

5 responses to “this week’s Level of Suck”

  1. Jeffro says:

    As someone who once worked at a bagel shop (Bodo’s Bagels in Charlottesville) briefly after graduation, the Bagelhead image is extremely disturbing — particularly if it is a Lox bagel. I always hated making those at 6 AM. Nothing like the smell of salmon on an empty stomach.

    • seanbeaudoin says:

      Jeffro–instead of saline I think they used whitefish…..

      • Jeffro says:

        What I wonder is, does this give someone high on bath salts a legitimate reason to eat another’s face? Particularly, if it’s whitefish. Sure, the omega-3 intake isn’t quite what it would be in an oily fish but nonetheless.

        Also, congrats on The Infects. I have you lined up after Ready Player One on my bookshelf.

  2. Tom Hansen says:

    “withered piece of gristle” haha

  3. martha says:

    Sean, in the back of the US Airways flight magazine, they have a picture of Madonna’s head as the illustration of the “Oldies” channel. Is there any greater burn than being dissed by an airline magazine? I think not.

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