Next Week: Inside story of how Mitt lost the debate, then his wife, then his mind.

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6 responses to “this week’s Level of Suck”

  1. Art Edwards says:

    Look at Brooke and her lil’ one-hitter! H.R. is lovin’ it!

  2. Jeffro says:

    According to Brooke’s rep, that’s not her — but it should be. Because her hanging out with HR would boost her cool points by a million. Also, very nice to see some Bad Brains love on TNB. I love that band. Rock for Light and Banned in DC are possibly two of the top 20 punk albums of all time.

    • seanbeaudoin says:

      Dude, that’s her. No matter what her rep says. Her rep is paid lots of money to make sure she is never clearly identified on a couch with H.R. In fact, that’s 70% of his job. And Rock For Light is not in the top twenty, it’s in the top two. You know, of course, just my opinion…

      Goodnight Cleveland!…..last Level of Suck ever!……for an encore maybe “War Pigs”…..

  3. J.M. Blaine says:

    Man, I remember first hearing
    I Against I
    & Return for Heaven.

    Bad Brains.

    Like witches
    black masses.

  4. Dana says:

    Why is it bad that kitties are good?

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