It’s finally happened! My book is on sale today! Thank you if you can help spread the word!

Here’s the pretty cover, including the very cool, purple spine:

Here’s a fuzzy shot of the back cover:

And here’s how you can help give this book wings: If you like it, post a review on Amazon or GoodReads. Talk about it on Twitter, FaceBook, or on your blog. Talk it up at your local library, bookstore or book club. And if you don’t like my book, please do these things for one you do like. Word of mouth is what keeps books alive.

If you’re in New York tonight (September 24), we’re celebrating at the Word bookstore in Brooklyn. Hope to see you there!

And thank you, very sincerely, for all of you who’ve been with me through this whole rollercoaster ride. Your support and friendship has meant the world to me. xo

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SUSAN HENDERSON is the author of UP FROM THE BLUE (HarperCollins, 2010) and founder of the blog, LitPark, a literary playground for writers.

3 responses to “UP FROM THE BLUE is here!”

  1. Judy Prince says:

    UP FROM THE BLUE just came in the post, Susan, and I immediately went to the Acknowledgements page (don’t ask why), and your sensitive, delightful acknowledgings made me tear up.

    Can’t wait to gobble this book up!

    For those considering purchasing the book, here’s the seductive publisher’s blurb:

    “Tillie Harris’s life is in disarray—her husband is away on business, the boxes in her new home aren’t unpacked, and the telephone isn’t even connected yet. Though she’s not due for another month, sudden labor pains force Tillie to reach out to her estranged father for help, a choice that means facing the painful memories she’s been running from since she was a little girl.”

    “An extraordinary debut from a talented new voice, _Up from the Blue_ untanbles the year in Tillie’s life that changed everything; 1975, the year her mother disappeared.”

    • Judy Prince says:

      That’s “untangles”—–not “untanbles.” (though I rather like “untanbles”)

    • Thank you so much for getting my book! And I read the acknowledgments first, too… not for teary bits but just to see who influenced the book and who is in that writer’s circle. It’s like the People magazine moment of the novel.

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