Dealing to Kurt Cobain? Riding Layne Staley’s Hog? Hiding heroin for Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan?

TNB contributor Tom Hansen’s book American Junkie may be more than these mind boggling rub-ups with Pac Northwest music icons, but those details alone make us want to check it out. Read the full review over at City Arts.

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SHYA SCANLON is the Fiction Reviews Editor for The Nervous Breakdown. Scanlon's work has appeared in the Mississippi Review, Literary Review, New York Quarterly, Guernica Magazine, Opium Magazine, and others. His book of prose poetry, In This Alone Impulse, was published by Noemi Press in January, 2010. In 2009, his novel Forecast was serialized online across 42 journals and literary blogs as part of the Forecast 42 Project. Forecast will be published by Flatmancrooked in December, 2010. He received his MFA from Brown University, where he was awarded the John Hawkes Prize in Fiction. Please visit him at

2 responses to “Tom Hansen’s American Junkie

  1. SAA says:

    Oh, I love Mark Lanegan.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Mark Lanegan…. Sure, they’re big names. Great people, great music, and definitely a good motivator for reading this book. They all continue to make a difference in this world through their musical talents and suffering stories. But if you take the time to read this book, I think you’ll find so much more than coincidental brushes with famous musicians and the “no-name” dealer. It’s really just something else. I don’t know if it’s the shock value, the matter of fact realism of this man’s situation, or just the adjustment to this maladjustment of his reality. It’s really just a mind bending story, with raw truths of the world and how many people are forced to see things the way they really are and what they come to as a result of that. It’s just a statistical anomaly that Tom Hansen made it out alive to actually tell about it. I know people who haven’t. I wonder if people could comprehend even after reading this… Either way, compelling.

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