Miss Suzor, so, in your new book The Principle Agent, who is the Principle Agent?

It’s a secret.

Seems like you have a few secrets.

Well, it’s a book full of secrets. Do you like secrets?

Well, yes, but I should be asking you the questions.

That’s right. You should.

So, why does the book take place in London?

The Thames.

What about the Thames?

It’s a place for forgetting.

Forgetting what?


Remembering what?

Days and days. Time and days.

So, by the end of the book, what conflicts are resolved?

None. It’s a love story.

Wait, I thought it was a book about secrets?

Do you like love stories?

Okay, we seem to be getting nowhere.

Something wrong with that?

Well, no, it’s just… I should be asking you the questions.

That’s right. You should.

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SARAH SUZOR is the author of It was the season, then. (EtherDome Press, 2010), and the forthcoming Isle of Dogs (Toadlily Press). Her poetry, reviews and interviews have appeared in various online and print journals including Hotel Amerika, Tarpaulin Sky and Rain Taxi. She lives in Los Angeles, where she is an editor for Highway 101 Press and a guest lecturer for the Left Bank Writers Retreat in Paris. Her collection The Principle Agent is the winner of the 2010 Hudson Prize and is forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press.

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  1. Mindy Macready says:

    Nice little circular interview here it wrapped up nicely.

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