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She is engrossed in some sort of looming or woodworking that requires her to wear a bib.

He, in overalls with only one strap fastened, is hammering out a poem. Stuck, he can’t find something pleasing that rhymes with “endeavor.”

She suggests “forever.”

He whispers something under his breath, then raises it an octave and yelps.


The TNB Book Club is proud to offer its members the first FREE bonus book of the year — Our Noise:  The Story of Merge Records, by John Cook, Mac McCaughan, and Laura Ballance — which comes to us courtesy of the fine people at Algonquin Books, easily one of the most badass presses in all of publishing.

Our Noise tells the exuberant story — in words and pictures — of Merge Records, the little indie label that defied the odds to become one of the music industry’s biggest success stories.  This, folks, is the label that brings you music from bands like Arcade Fire, The Magnetic Fields, Spoon, Superchunk, and Lambchop.

A truly inspiring story of great art being made the right way in the 21st century.

Needless to say, we hope you enjoy it — and huge thanks again to Algonquin.

Figured we should open up a discussion thread here on The Feed.  For those of you who’d like to discuss Our Noise…the comment board is yours.

Have at it!