While the origins of San Diego’s name remain murky for some, The Nervous Breakdown is staying as classy as ever by celebrating it’s 5th birthday with TNB’s Literary Experience in San Diego, CA on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 7 p.m.

This event, like the tasty waves rolling up to its bikini-speckled beaches, will be epic.

To commemorate this auspicious occasion, TNB is unleashing a seismic event full of outrageous readings, delicious birthday cake and a special musical guest.

WHEN: Thursday August 25, 2011. 7 p.m.

WHERE:  The Historic Ideal Hotel and Tea Room
540 3rd Ave.
San Diego, CA


That’s a Harlan Ellison title; this is not a Harlan Ellison story. But it could be.

On Thursday, June 7th, I lost my voice. I lost my voice like a set of keys.

I was hosting a reading for my students at a bookshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Things were going swimmingly, until I began to drown.