Dani Shapiro credit Kate UhryReally? Three memoirs?

I know.


So what is it? A narcissistic disorder? Or do we need a new category for this in the DSM-IV?  Memoirmania, maybe? 

You don’t pull any punches, do you? Okay. So I wrote three novels. Then a memoir. Then another two novels. Then another memoir, which was a total surprise. That one—my memoir Devotion, nearly knocked me over. I literally almost fell down when I realized what I was doing. A spiritual memoir? Really? After that book, I thought I was done with the form. But now I’ve gone and written yet another memoir, sort of. I say sort of, because Still Writing, my new book, is about writing.  But stories of what formed me as a writer found their way in there. So, yeah.

‘Shit-Talking’ (also known as ‘trash talking’ or ‘dissing’) can be characterized by a single or a series of subjective statements that imply objective truth, and that are set forth in an attempt to ‘put down’, dismiss, and/or ‘degrade’ a person, place, thing, or idea, while simultaneously ‘boosting’ the ‘shit-talker’ to a ‘place of higher moral or artistic standpoint.’