I hate you, Kevin Smith. I’ve hated you ever since Dogma. While I didn’t hate Dogma initially (the movie caught me at a particularly weird time wherein I was just awakening to my lifelong, yet at that point latent, atheism and the movie’s freewheeling religious message left me feeling uplifted and secure in a tepid belief in god), in retrospect I think the movie was a cop out, an attempt to please both believer and unbeliever alike. Conversely, Red State, Smith’s latest and hopefully last film, failed for the opposite reason.

Scott Mosier is a film producer, editor, and actor best known for his work with director Kevin Smith. Alongside Smith, Mosier produced eight View Askew films, including Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. Mosier’s other credits include co-executive producer of Good Will Hunting and producer of Salim Baba, a short documentary that was nominated for an Oscar in 2007.

The way I came to know Scott Mosier, though, is through his weekly SModcast that he does with Kevin Smith. (Which, for a limited time, you can see recorded live in a town near you!) Because I’m a huge fan of the View Askew movies, I started listing to SModcast about a year ago and have tuned in every week since. This podcast, in addition to two of the other podcasts on the SModcast Network (Jay and Silent Bob Get Old and Plus One), feels to me like I’m sitting around with all of my friends from my youth. There’s the regular expletive-filled mix of graphic sex talk and bodily function jokes, but also thoughtful commentary on everything from life, movies, and music to politics, culture, science, and more sex. And if the SModcast Universe is populated by old high school friends, then Scott Mosier is like the guy in the group that you’d most want to walk you home when you’re drunk – though he’d probably make fun of you later.

On the evening of Tuesday, March 8, I had the extreme pleasure of chatting online with Scott Mosier to discuss social networking, politics, music, llamas, and who he’d like to see as our next president.