Here we are again. Another year in the books. Another Holiday Spectacular episode of the Otherppl podcast.


This year, the Spectacular was recorded at 8 a.m. rather than the traditional evening hour. The reason? Brad was disorganized and scrambling to assemble a team of people willing to participate in this questionable annual rite.

Thankfully, his friends Joseph Grantham, Gene Morgan, and Timothy Willis Sanders bailed him out. They were kind enough to join him for a year-end gathering and some good cheer. Mira Gonzalez was supposed to be there too, but she ate too many edibles the night before and didn’t wake up in time to participate.

Big thanks to everyone out there who listens to this show and supports this show. It’s a labor of love, and the show wouldn’t exist with you.

Here’s to another great year, and more great conversations with great writers in 2023….


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This week on Otherppl: an epic end to a pathetic and demoralizing year.


With guest appearances by Megan Boyle, Leland Cheuk, Richard Chiem, Rachel Bell de Navailles, Juliet Escoria, Joseph Grantham, Mik Grantham, Ben Loory, Gene Morgan, Timothy Willis Sanders, and Bud Smith.

Special guest: Rich Ferguson.


This is the second annual Holiday Spectacular episode of the Otherppl with Brad Listi podcast. The guests are Melissa Broder, Gene and Jenny Morgan, Amelia Gray and Lee Shipman, Ben Loory, Rich Ferguson, and Adam Greenfield. Recorded on December 10, 2016.


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PS. Here are links to some things discussed in the show:

Prince on Arsenio Hall, 1991

Jimmy Stewart reads a poem about his dog on The Tonight Show