What’s with the political poetry? Are you trying to piss people off?

I actually try not to offend people with my political pieces. For me poetry is about communication and I don’t want to shut people’s ears/minds to what I am trying to get across. Also, I don’t think one can write successful political poetry by screaming at people, so I try to be subtle, which is sometimes hard for me in real life. It sounds cliche, but I am interested in dialogue and hope to bring that about with my work. And, if people hate my stuff, I want to know and I especially want to know why.


Do you think there’s a difference in personal and political art?

For some people, yes. For me, no. Besides poetry, I also practice Butoh which is an avant-garde Japanese modern dance form which was conceived as a style of dance protest to the Westernization of Japan after WWII. I have a 25-year dance performance background and dropped all other dance forms when I found Butoh. Since Butoh is not about making pretty forms in space or having specific technical skills it is pretty much opposite of all other dance forms which makes it automatically political.

Close bases all over the world. Turn them all into public housing.
Be nice to other countries, send them flowers,
throw parties for them.

Invite people you love and those you don’t know well
but want to know better.
Prepare festive plates of food and cold beverages of all types.

Decorate your house with sparkly lights and candles.
Make Halliburton employees and CEO’s do all the cleaning.