“It’s not the book you start with, it’s the book that book leads you to”
–Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist

In 2005 Austin Kleon experienced a bad case of writer’s block. Right out of college, after having studied creative writing, he was struggling to write a short story. To break out of the rut he took a Sharpie to nearby newspapers and started crossing out sentences, leaving only a few words and large swaths of black ink in his wake. Unknowingly, he created something he calls Newspaper Blackout Poems.

Did anyone else read Jessica Anya Blau’s trick about using a shower cap to activate conditioner? Because I’ve been doing that for that last three weeks and man. That. Is. Awesome.

See, I like the collaborative nature of the internet. I like it a bunch. I like the way I can pick up new knowledge and apply it to my own life and make my life that much better, and my hair that much softer and shinier (thanks again, Jessica). This, to me, is the greatest strength of the internet.

And, like all things I get from the internet, I’m greedy for more (thanks again, pornography).

Who has other little lifehacks that make their day better? The best trick to life I’ve ever discovered is to start straightening up on a reverse parallel park when you are exactly 45 degrees to the car in front. Man. Trust me on this one. I hardly start crying at all any more.

This is an experiment, of sorts. A kind of knowledge-swap. To take information from the brain of someone ten thousand miles away and then implement it on a practical level.

Someone. Lay something on me.