My dog’s ashes are currently in a small silver gift box on my bookshelf. I loved my dog, but I hate that ugly box and its stupid tassel.

When my husband and I decided to cremate Bernie, we thought we would scatter his ashes along one of his favorite hiking trails, but doing so is illegal where we live. I hated the idea of us furtively dumping a baggy of remains in the always-crowded park. It didn’t feel like an appropriately jubilant celebration of his life.

Where we last left off in Part II of our series

My girlfriend and I had just brought home our new cat

We had named her Asha (Sanskrit, meaning Hope)

Like I said in Part I of this post…


Pretty much all my life
I’ve been a Dog Person

Not a Cat Person

Pretty much all my life I’ve been a dog person

Growing up
There’s always been one breed or another
In my house