My earliest childhood memory is stomping across the stage of a Polish party hall lip synching to ZZ Top. On back up were my best friends at the time, twin boys named Bobby and Tommy, who were pretending to play guitar and drums behind me.

We were celebrating their older brother’s catholic confirmation and late in the evening everyone agreed to let us take the stage, probably at my urging. I can’t remember a time when I saw a stage and wasn’t inexorably drawn to it. I remember looking out at the crowd as they laughed along, no doubt finding it funny that a five year old girl in her best Sunday dress was acting out Bon Scott poses for her friends and loved ones. I wasn’t aware of Scott at the time, nor of the myriad of rock legends from which I would glean inspiration, but I do remember that it felt damn good on that stage.

People like me don’t go to Europe. White trash takes a late model vehicle to all vacation destinations. If you can’t drive there you can forget it, because dad only works summers, unable to acquire a skill set that he can utilize all year round.

The Supergroup.  That mythical entity that carries such soaring expectations that it is remarkable that any of the bands ever make it into the studio.  It’s like the Honors Society kid who letters in three sports, dates a cheerleader, and is a top flight boxer- how can he fail, right?  Until it’s ten years later and the sheriff is tucking the eviction notice into the pocket of his work shirt while he’s passed out on the trailer floor with a needle in his arm.

What’s a Supergroup?  A gaggle of well-known musicians from different bands (and often different genres) who come together to form a new musical entity.

Just like the Honors kids, Supergroups start out with great pedigrees, lots of breaks, and doors swinging widely before them, but that doesn’t always mean that these advantages translate into something memorable.  But when they do click it can be one of the most exciting spectacles in music.

Supergroups are the embodiment of our musical fantasies come true.  “What if?” becomes reality.  This is the stuff that even casual music fans stop to ponder.  Die hard musos can come to blows over them.  Somewhere in the world right now, there is an intense, late night, cocaine-fueled debate raging about the ultimate Supergroup.