Sherry Green peeks through the skeleton hole. The room is black and white and dingy. There’s a very fat woman and a very fat man. They sit on the bed and pull off their shirts. They bump their naked bellies over and over. They cannot stop laughing.

A man kisses his son good night and tucks him in. He ruffles his hair. Then he walks into the kitchen and fucks his wife against the wall. They both cum.

Lucy kisses Snoopy. He turns red. Now he is a red dog.

God is love, easy to memorize.
But how to understand
its trueness, God’s finger and flame,
lightning staining my window, hell’s
dark mouth under my bed.

Here’s how to never burn—
come into my heart, Lord Jesus, the altar call
at summer camp. Accept with grace his lily breath,
his tongue on my tongue, a mistaken click of
teeth, sorry. Better tilt your head opposite mine.