In a small town it’s normal for everyone to get in your business—for the community to know about the women that run around, the men that abuse, the spoiled kids with their sense of entitlement, and the loners who belong to nobody. Set in Roma, Kentucky, The Next Time You See Me (Touchstone Books) by Holly Godard Jones is a literary thriller that links a variety of perspectives into a complicated web of deceit and lies that replace hope and peace with bittersweet longings for what might have been. But buried in there is a lesson about perseverance, a glimmer of optimism, and the eternal complications that are the duality of man. This is the mirror that Holly Goddard Jones holds up, as we bear witness to these defining moments of destruction, as well as revelation.

Please explain what just happened.

Our documentary, A People Uncounted, just had its international premiere at the Hawaii International Film Festival, as well as playing concurrently at the Heartland Film Festival and the Mumbai Film Festival. It’s very exciting that people are starting to see the film.


What is your earliest memory?

The day before my 4th birthday, in a store called Young Canada, where my mother bought me a stuffed animal. I put it away in a bag and I didn’t play with it until it was presented to me ‘officially’ the following day. The bag had a Toronto Blue Jays logo on it. Marc Swenker (Producer) will appreciate this since he’s a big Blue Jays fan!