JE: Further proof that I read women authors: In addition to great recent releases by Robin Antalek (The Summer We Fell Apart) and Tatjana Soli (The Lotus Eaters), I wanted to take the opportunity to plug the paperback release of Maria Semple’s excellent west L.A. novel, This One is Mine (see JR’s coverage and an interview with Semple, here).

Maria is a badass. How many people would walk away from a lucrative television writing gig (for such shows as Arrested Development) for the opportunity to toil away in the dying business of novel writing? Maria did just that. How many people would buy you two strollers, a baby seat, buy you a splashy dinner every single time you saw her, and give you a thousand bucks when your royalty check was late? Or offer the use of her house for as long as you needed it? Maria has done all of these things for her writer friends. And my karmic radar informs me that she will be rewarded for this decision with big sales for the PB of “This One is Mine.”

Just because Maria is such a doll, and just because this book jacket is kinda’ dainty, don’t think for one second that “This One is Mine” is not deliciously nasty and totally hilarious– way better than Arrested Development. If you missed the HC release, snap this one up, kiddos.

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