DH: The Guys are launching a new guest post series featuring our friends the indie presses. It’s called Why We Love What We Do. It features publishers and editors talking about what gives their house its own special spin.

We’re aiming for the pubs history, approach to publishing, title selection philosophy, plans for new projects and celebrations of favorite books published.

We’re also hoping that the publishers and editors that are at the frontiers of the indie market will tell us something about themselves as book lovers and as a community of INDEPENDENT minds. How does the terrain of the indie book wilderness scope out from the lookout point of their offices?

The Guys want to give our worldwide audience of influential readers (meaning you) a clear and distinct idea of what each indie press is all about so that they will look forward to their offerings past, present and future. Three Guys One Book wants our readers to “follow the house”, not just follow individual writers.

If you’re a publisher or editor at an indie press and want to participate in Why We Love What We Do just knock on our door. Don’t wait for an invitation, although you might get one anyway.

Check back tomorrow for the first installment from our friends at Other Press.

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JONATHAN EVISON is the author of All About Lulu and West of Here and TNB's Executive Editor. He likes rabbits. He also likes being the ambiguous fourth guy in the “Three Guys” triumvirate. He is the founder of the secret society, The Fiction Files (if he told, he’d have to kill you). He has a website, but it’s old. Just google him.

DENNIS HARITOU has bought books for Barnes and Noble for seven years, for warehouse clubs for five, and has led a book club. He is currently Director of Merchandise at Bookazine.

JASON CHAMBERS has been in the book business for over fifteen years, including tenures as General Manager/Buyer at Book Peddlers in Athens, GA, and seven years as a Buyer and Merchandise Manager at Bookazine. He now works as an bookstore consultant and occasional web designer.

JASON RICE has worked in the book business for ten years at Random House in sales and marketing and Barnes & Noble as a community relations manager. Currently he is an Assistant Sales Manager and Buyer at Bookazine. His fiction has appeared in several literary magazines online and in print. He was once the pseudonymous book reviewer Frank Bascombe for Ain’t It Cool News. He’s taught photography to American students in the South of France, worked as a bicycle messenger in New York City, and for a long time worked very hard in the film & television business in NYC. Production experience includes the television shows Pete & Pete, Can We Shop ( Joan Rivers' old shopping show), and the films The Pallbearer, Flirting With Disaster, and countless commercials---even a Christina Applegate movie that went straight to video.

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