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TED MCCAGG is a freelance advertising creative director living in Portland, OR. He also publishes a daily drawing at tedmccagg.typepad.com.

On TNB, you can check out Ted's cartoons at The Feed, our official blog, and also by clicking right here.

4 responses to “Why They Don’t Make Teen Movies About Girls Wanting To Lose Their Virginity”

  1. Brilliant! That would be a short but entertaining movie.

  2. Ted, I make it a point to check out your daily cartoons (and now short movie script excerpts) each morning before work. This shit trips me out. Starts my morning better than a cup of Folger’s, possibly because I am a hot tea drinker. I don’t like coffee.

  3. I love this more than hot, bubbling melted cheese, Ted. And it reminds of a conversation I had w/ some close male writer friends a few years ago. One of them announced, w/ little prompting, that he always masturbates when he’s on deadline in order to relieve stress. Soon, it was a round table discussion of beat-off stories. When I was uncharacteristically mute, they needled me and asked why. I pointed out that as someone w/ lady parts, I could charge for my onanistic tales. They paused then laughed and agreed I shouldn’t just give this stuff away for free.

  4. Joe Daly says:

    Love the surreptitious high-five!

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