By Ted McCagg


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TED MCCAGG is a freelance advertising creative director living in Portland, OR. He also publishes a daily drawing at tedmccagg.typepad.com.

On TNB, you can check out Ted's cartoons at The Feed, our official blog, and also by clicking right here.

3 responses to “Nelsons”

  1. Phat B says:

    Ha! Afteeeeer the rain washes away the tears…

  2. Ted, I know I’ve made my admiration of work known publicly and privately many times, but holy hell, you’re funnier than my neighbor’s new haircut.

  3. Rachel Pollon says:

    I was with my 12 and 8 year old nieces last night. My sister-in-law and sister were talking about 90s bands they liked. My SIL liked mild hair bands like Warrant. Somehow Nelson came up (she wasn’t a fan, it was an example of mild hair bands she didn’t like.) I told them I had to show them your comic. My nieces had no reference for it so we had to google Nelson and show them an actual picture of them first and then revisit the comic. It was a good night.

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