Greg Olear, author of the novels Fathermucker and Totally Killer, is a senior editor at The Nervous Breakdown and a contributor to TNB Books’ new collection, The Beautiful Anthology, where he wrote about the beauty of imperfection.


What is beautiful that is also ugly?

Ann Coulter. She is clearly on Lucifer’s payroll. She’s distractingly attractive, especially for a Republican, which makes the things she says even more repugnant. Bill Maher is enamored of her; have you seen her on his show? He’s usually relentless, but she turns him into a puppy dog.

What have the Kardashians done for the cause of beauty?

If the Kardashians have done anything beneficial for society, it’s their proof that an Oakland booty, to borrow Sir Mixalot’s term, is, in fact, beautiful.


Who is the most beautiful member of Congress?

It used to be Anthony Weiner; he was the total package. Orrin Hatch has very beautiful eyes.


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5 responses to “Beautiful Views: Greg Olear”

  1. Rachel Pollon says:

    Weird. Before I even clicked on the “read more” link I thought, I’m going to refer to you as Mixmaster Greg Olear when I link this to my wall. Then I clicked “read more” and saw your mention of Sir Mixalot. Coincidence? Co-mixadence?

    Ann Coulter. We don’t have a word for things when they are deceptively attractive but ultimately heinous and ugly at their core, do we? (The French or German probably do.) Well it very well could be “ancoulter.” (ancoulter TM)

    (Someone should probably send her a copy of the book.)

    (Someone should probably also get one to Ms. Kardashian.)

    Lastly, I picked Barney Frank as my most beautiful congressman. Though I’ve never seen his package, it’s clear he’s not lacking in the cajones department.

    • James D. Irwin says:

      I’m ashamed of how much time I spent researching Congress in order to answer that question. And it’s not like I learnt anything useful— just that most of Congress seems to be made up of middle aged women with perfect smiles, and a bunch of Southern gentleman with girls names…

      • Ah, the Congress beauty question! Most of our esteemed contributors had no opinion on the matter or said it was impossible to answer. Thank you, Mr. Olear, for naming names so eloquently!

  2. Caleb Powell says:

    I’ll never look at Ann Coulter again in the same way.

  3. Judy Prince says:

    Greg Olear is beautiful.

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