Two Poems

By Tobin Bartolo



i never liked wearing hats
always reminded me of
many years in succession
playing baseball on a team

now i go to bed with my hat on
there’s no game on
there’s no one at the field
no glove, no team, no bat

it would be fun to play a game
with a team again
would you be on the team?
if you like, you can design the hats



it would be a mistake
to not have enemies

your allegiance in
living a life politely
will destroy your
senses that bring
the collective together

without conflict
our values cannot
be guided off the page
voices cannot be heard
when only

im naming my child elbow grease
my nephew’s uncle will pray
until the cows mourn the payphone




Tobin Bartolo works at a solar company, lives for other reasons. Interested in language/rhetoric usage, music, and film. Thinks about travel on That kind of level, buying a plane ticket soon.

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