“Family Feelings” is a collaborative blend of poetry and play reading that combines the work of this week’s TNB-featured poet John Foy (and others) and playwright A. R. Gurney. “Family Feelings” pays tribute to those relationships we know best, or least! Using scenes from Gurney’s Cocktail Hour – an appeal to gain Father’s approval for the staging of his son’s play – and selected poems by John Foy and others, the performance weaves together poems and script in counterpoint so that, through echoes and associative logic, they get to the psychic truth of unspoken family feelings.

Indian Café, 108th St. and Broadway (NYC), Sunday, January 22, 2012, at 4:00 p.m.

Readers include poet John Foy, and actors Cordis Heard, Mark Hofmaier, and Burt Edwards. Works in the reading include:

  • The Cocktail Hour, by A. R. Gurney
  • This Be the Verse, by Philip Larkin
  • Alcohol, by Franz Wright
  • High Windows, by Philip Larkin
  • Night Heron, by John Foy
  • from Essay on Psychiatrists, XIII, by Robert Pinsky
  • Male Sexual Disorder, by John Foy
  • from Essay on Psychiatrists, XVI, by Robert Pinsky
  • from The Attic, by Derek Mahon
  • Servant Boy, by Seamus Heaney
  • Victim, by John Foy
  • Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee, by Robert Frost
  • Wall Street, by John Foy
  • Don’t tase me bro, by John Foy
  • The Bank, by John Foy
  • OK Chris, by John Foy
  • Headless Barbie Commission, by John Foy
  • from Four Quartets, East Coker, by T. S. Eliot
  • Paterfamilias, by John Foy
  • Come live with me, by John Foy
  • Cost, by John Foy
  • Room, by John Foy

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UCHE OGBUJI is a founding editor of the TNB Poetry section. He is also co-creator and co-host of the Poetry Voice podcast. His short collection of poems Ndewo, Colorado (Aldrich Press, 2013) is a winner of the 2014 Colorado Book Awards. To expand a bit, Uche Ogbuji was born in Calabar, Nigeria. He lived, among other places, in Egypt and England before settling near Boulder, Colorado where he lives with his wife and four children. Uche is a computer engineer (trained in Nigeria and the USA) and entrepreneur whose abiding passion is poetry. His poems, fusing Igbo culture, European Classicism, U.S. Mountain West setting, and Hip-Hop influences, have appeared widely. Uche also snowboards, coaches and plays soccer, and trains in American Kenpo. You can catch more of the prolifically fraying strands of his life on his home page, or, heck, even on Twitter.

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