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Victoria Patterson is the author of the novel This Vacant Paradise, a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice. Drift, her collection of interlinked short stories, was a finalist for the California Book Award and the 2009 Story Prize. The San Francisco Chronicle selected Drift as one of the best books of 2009. Her work has appeared in various publications and journals, including the Los Angeles Times, Alaska Quarterly Review, and the Southern Review. She lives with her family in Southern California and teaches through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and as a Visiting Assistant Professor at UC Riverside.

15 responses to “Tribute to The Moms”

  1. Marni Grossman says:

    Congratulations on your nomination! So exciting!

    And yes, agreed. Moms are the best. My own mother offered to walk me across the street to my car last weekend when I returned from a trip late at night. Irritating? A little bit. Lovable? Absolutely.

  2. Irene Zion says:

    Wow, good job with the prize, Victoria!

    I’m actually just as proud of you for sticking with Lou, though. That was a mitzvah you did and you can’t go wrong going around doing mitzvahs.

    (A pack of moms with you when you are anxious is a good plan, too. You really think thinks through. Impressive.)

    • Victoria Patterson says:

      Thanks, Irene! I’m so glad I was able to help Lou. I’m fairly certain that my anxiety level lessened a huge amount by helping him… I was so fortunate to have The Moms with me.

    • Irene Zion says:


      I am usually better at proof reading what I write, but in my defense, I had been up since 2 am when the alarm company called to tell us a silent alarm went off for no reason except their incompetence at putting the blinketyblank thing in. Kindly edit my comment to make me look less the idiot. Or don’t. It’s probably good for my ego to go down a peg or two.

      I did want to say that when you concentrate on the problems of others, it helps to wipe your own out of your mind for a little while. This might have made the trip back less stressful.

  3. Jude says:

    That was a great thing you did for Lou. You get massive ‘brownie’ points for that good deed… and on top of helping him out, you helped yourself. Nice touch.

    • Victoria Patterson says:

      Lou was amazing! It’s funny I remember certain things–like his blueberry muffin, etc–but I can’t remember his dog’s name. And it was this crazy great name–something to do with the Cosmos. I wish I’d written it down. But I didn’t know I’d be writing about Lou! Thanks for the comment!

  4. Simon Smithson says:

    Score on awards season, Victoria!

    What is it about that? Someone becomes a parent and it’s like, bam, suddenly, so much knowledge of how to handle certain situations just appears in their heads.

    • Victoria Patterson says:

      I’ve been thinking about that–because I don’t think that becoming a parent constitutes becoming a good/empathetic person, necessarily. And I have friends that aren’t parents that are hugely empathetic and lovely and nurturing. But something about Moms sometimes, for me. I think there’s this sort of seasoned quality about Moms–where they’ve been through so much with their kids. They’re just experienced. I’ve been saved by Moms on so many occasions since becoming a Mom–and even stranger Moms. Moms seeing that I don’t have a diaper or wipes, and giving me one from their stock–at the mall, the park. It’s maybe that Mom-connection. It’s really pretty cool.

  5. Judy Prince says:

    Wonderful news of your award, Victoria. That Mom support makes it all the more poignant.

  6. Erika Rae says:

    Congratulations, Victoria!

    I love that they had a ziploc full of ziplocs filled with snacks. Moms rule.

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