Three Sonnets

By Will Stanier




Dark Sonnet


The UFOs 



Crossing the Delaware 


According to the different projects of these poems, I have in certain places incorporated the words of other writers and artists.
The first line of “Dark Sonnet” belongs to Dot Devota. The second line are the words of Willem de Kooning. The line Frequent non-parallel doings belongs to Rachel Hinton.
The first line of “The UFOs” also belongs to Dot Devota. I wanted to be a goon that matters into your life is adapted from “Dangerous Asylum” by John Asberry.
photo credit: Nathan Dragon
Will Stanier is a poet and letterpress printer from Athens, Georgia. He currently lives in Tucson, where he works as a grocery clerk. He is the author of a chapbook, Everything Happens Next (Blue Arrangements, 2021). His poems have appeared in Cleaver Magazine, The Volta, Neutral Spaces, and Lazy Susan.

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